B.E.N.C.H., the new youth club for the Benefice of Bluntisham-cum-Earith, Holywell-cum-Needingworth and Colne, was launched in October 2011.


Around 20 youngsters aged 11–18 came on the first evening and enjoyed pudding and drink, games, balloon modelling, a quieter discussion time and then hot chocolate and, that evening, beachball volleyball.

This new youth club is open to secondary school children aged 11–18 from Bluntisham, Earith, Needingworth, Colne and Holywell, (which is perhaps where you can see the name derives from). We do have to be strict on age, but we wouldn’t turn away anyone from neighbouring villages! BENCH meets each Thursday from 7 until 8.45 p.m. but both the start and the end are less structured, to enable any latecomers, or those needing to be in bed slightly earlier, still to attend, and all are welcome whenever they can make it.


There are 5 regular team members looking after the youngsters. B.E.N.C.H. is very much a team effort and we have a group of willing and able cooks from various villages providing the puddings, as well as a prayer group giving spiritual support.


This is a Christian youth group and the discussion times will be an opportunity to explore what following the Christian path looks like. However, we do believe this means living life to the full, so the components of fun, food and social time are as important to us as the thinking and reflecting.

Most evenings we have table tennis, pool, pinball and table football. Some children enjoy doing the craft activities and others just enjoy chatting and listening to music in our chill out area at the back of the hall. Julie always does great snacks and drinks every night, the hot chocolate it always a favourite with the children in the winter, but her cakes are amazing too! We normally have a game or activity for each evening and when it is light enough we get outside for football or rounders. Along with the normal evenings we have some annual favourites. Our special evenings include a fireworks party, Christmas carols and mince pies, an Easter egg hunt, a night time chip shop hike and a summer water fight! These evenings are always popular with the kids and helpers alike. As well as all the fun we also take part in community activities such as spring bulb planting, helping out with the summer fete and organising a fundraising concert for the church roof fund. If you would like more information please contact us using the details below.

God bless, Julie, Adrian, Catherine, Holly and Daniel.


For more information check out our Facebook page, or contact Daniel on 07912 053802, or Julie on 01487 841928.